Support & Solutions to help you cope with the loss of a companion animal through the process of "Loving Forward"

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Happily barking about challenges, achievements & resources so you can love life with your rescue pet


A charitable community for slightly delinquent animal pals - Join us - Be a part of the Destruction!



Our time together will be YOU focused

  • You, your dreams and your results will be championed
  • We will work towards developing coping skills
  • We will be results oriented and forward focused – what I call “Loving Forward”

Our time together will be rewarding

  • You will give me permission to challenge you, your thoughts and goals
  • I will give you ideas for you to consider between sessions
  • We won’t work together forever – commitment will be for set period of time

Our time together will be productive

  • We will pinpoint your personal grief coping strengths and weaknesses
  • We will identify & define goals
  • We will develop, implement and support your action plan

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Initial & Individual Sessions
$115 per session
For Individual Sessions

Additional Sessions Package
$95 per session
For 5 or more additional sessions booked & kept

At the end of the day, it is your life. I know you desire the skills to recover from the loss of your companion animal, love another companion animal again, and gracefully love with forward motion. I can support you to achieve your desires.

To contact me, please visit my Contact Page and leave me a message.

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