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Jun 05, 2013 | Post by: LundDia No Comments

Let Inspiration Find You


The worst has happened.  You’ve lost your friend. Swirling emotions can overtake you suddenly, deeply and profoundly.

One way to create calm from the chaos of your thoughts and feelings is to just sit quietly with your thoughts. Literally, sit down in your favorite spot and welcome all you are feeling and thinking to come into your mind.

Grant yourself permission to grieve. The very conscious act of granting yourself permission to grieve is powerful.  At first this might feel unbearable, but granting yourself this small act of kindness to yourself may open you to being able to move forward with more peace of mind.

Try not to judge yourself or what you are feeling.  This is a time to be gentle with yourself, gentle with your emotions and accepting of what has happened.  There will be time enough later time to work on how to move forward, but now it is time to simply feel.

Let your thoughts flow through your mind.  Feel what your body and mind are saying to you.

Try not to deny what you are feeling.  Your feelings are legitimate and real.  Acknowledge them.  Thank them for their importance in your grief journey.

When I’m lost in grief, I have found that inspirational quotes will come through to me in many ways, some very unexpected.

Often song lyrics I would have passed over on any other day take on new meanings and comfort my raw emotions.

Recently this line from, of all places, a Pearl Jam song, titled “I Am Mine“, helped me acknowledge the grace to grant myself permission to grieve for the loss of my Mom.

“The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrow’s denied.”

If you would like help with the permission process, please contact me.  I would be honored to walk beside you on your hard, lonely journey.

You do not need to walk alone.

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