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May 25, 2012 | Post by: LundDia No Comments

Creating a Memorial – Garden Oriented & Public Space Tributes


In the first post of this series, I shared a few ideas I’ve found for creating a hand crafted memorials. The second post highlighted memorial items that can be purchased.  This week, I would like to highlight ideas for creating a public space memorial, or participating in a living tribute to your lost pet.

Public Space Tributes

I found two public parks that have dedicated areas you can visit, reflect on, and share with others in your remembrances.  Both memorial garden areas are part of larger areas for off-leash parks.  I thought these were a wonderful idea for people who live in apartments, condos, or don’t have their own private space to create a memorial.  Mirroring the serenity, dignity and quiet oasis that cemeteries provide for humans that have passed on, these parks honor our companions beautifully.

Christine, from, expressed to me in an email the following:

“Just as our pets leave footprints on our hearts, planting a tree in their memory will leave footprints on our earth.” 

Another public space tribute is through the planting of a tree in our companions honor.  This is a lasting way to remember the special bond that is shared with our pet companions. has received requests from every state and Canadian province. They have planted the purchased trees on public lands and areas where there are projects to rebuild forests.

Private Space Tributes

If you are a gardener, have the space and feel that private memorial space suits you best, I think this is a wonderful idea.  I’ve attached a link to one idea presented on HGTV.

Spend some time reflecting on ideas you would like to incorporate.  Maybe consider creating the garden space where your pet liked to rest outside or in an area you feel best suits.  There are no rules on what to have, what shape or how the finished garden is to look.  Bring your own ideas to life and tend them in memory of your companion, keeping in mind that this space is a place to heal, reflect and remember.

One idea is to incorporate the meanings that many flowers and plants have associated with them, such as Forget-me-nots for memories, Rosemary or Pink Carnations for remembrance. If your space is large enough, maybe consider an oak tree for strength or Cedar for healing, cleansing and protection.  Check for ideas.

Many items commonly placed in a garden memorial are benches or chairs to rest, quote stones, butterfly attracting flowers and trees, water fountains and wind chimes.  While planning your garden, keep in mind the size and requirements of your plantings.  Some trees and flowers need bright sun and lots of space while others are better suited for shady areas.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money – or even spend any at all – to accomplish a lasting tribute.  What matters is creating a tribute that speaks to you and your family and reflects how you want to memorialize your companion.

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